Cymatrax is now available for recording studios and streaming media. Contact us for licensing availability. Exclusive licencing is available. 214-923-9463

​​We're sorry!!!! Cymatrax is still going through Beta testing and will be available shortly. Please send us your email address so we can notify you as soon as it is available.

Click on the blue download button to download version 1.1.2. Cymatrax is a monthly subscription application and new versions will be coming out very soon. We expect to be be coming out with newer versions and software upgrades several times a year. Your subscription of $8 per month (individual user) will include all download upgrades. You won't have to worry about extra costs as we expand our services. All we want is for you to have a better, healthier, more productive life.

Have a question, send us an email. Our call in customer service team will go live to assist you the day of releasing our first version of the software. You want to be the best you can be? We do too. Download Cymatrax today.